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Tour Pricing

 Tours can accomodate up to 6 people
Pricing is per tour not per person

  1. Three Hour Tours
    For those that have more time and want to explore further into Estero Bay, the three hour tour gives you abundant flexibility. Three hour tours include all the options available in the two hour tour (for an extended time) or the option of shelling.
    $225 for 2-3 people $300 for 4- 6 people
  2. Four Hour Tours
    When you sign up for four hours, your options truly expand. You can choose two of the two hour tours or choose one of the above and do an extended shelling and/or the Mound Key Calusa History tour. And, of course, FMBeautiful is happy to take you on your own custom choice for the entire four hours.
    $300 for 2- 3 people $400 for 4-6 people
  3. Five Hour Tours
    Really want to get away and see the far reaches of Estero Bay? With five hours we can really spend time on Mound Key, shelling or travel into either Estero River or Mullock Creek or multiple combinations of these options.
  4. Two Hour Tours
    Two hour tours include; Sunrise, Sunset, Dolphin/ Wildlife, Island Exploration and Photography
    $150 for 2-3 people $200 for 4-6 people